Monday, June 1, 2009

An American Eagle (an Introduction)

By Dahni
© Copyright 6/1/09
all rights reserved

#1 of 3 blogs Our Lady Liberty to Illuminate - provide infomation
#2 of 3 is An American Eagle to Inspire - tell a story about a story that comes true
#3 of 3 is The American Eagle Party to Initiate - take action and make a story come true

This blog is a work of fiction. It is a story of one man's quest to affect change, first in his own life and then, somehow influence others to change. Some events, people, times and places may be real or current. Any similarities to the author of this blog may be merely coincidental. :)

With all this in mind, this is purely a work of fiction.

Each post will be a continuance of this story.

To set the stage, we meet a writer named Ben Silent. He is troubled by many current events occurring in the world at large; within his country and his own life. He seeks to understand these things and change what he can and then help others to do the same. His best way of communicating is through the written word.

This is a story about imagination and "when imagination becomes real."